Success Stories

Success Stories

You can call this page Success Stories, Testimonials, Client Successes or whatever feels good to you. It is the page where you begin to list all your successes and testimonials from clients. This page will actually help you convert people looking at your site into clients more than any other page. Because it is third party proof that you are a great coach and your clients get results. You can say it all you like, but when your clients say it, the world listens!

That’s why you want to coach, coach and coach some more – as many people as you can – both pro-bono and paid. Because the more testimonials you have from different people with different successes and different praise of you, the more enticing you will be to potential clients.

The testimonials that will bring YOU the best results are ones that show results. Saying “what a great coach Sandy is” or “You’ve changed my life” or “I got great results by working with you” is not a testimonial – it’s a ‘warm and fuzzy’.

You want to get ‘before and after’ testimonials. You want your clients to tell you about the benefits and the results they received by being coached by you. The ‘results’ type of testimonial will get you more clients than you can handle. Of course, ANY testimonial is better than nothing, so just add any testimonial until you get good ones.

Of course, it goes without saying that all testimonials have to be from your clients and must be accurate. During your time in the ISCA, you will learn a number of ways to get testimonials from your clients – make sure you get them from EVERY person you coach. You never know what success that person will go on to create and wouldn’t it be magic to have been a part of that and be able to put it on your website! Check out the Business Bliss Section of the Members Area for the masterclass on getting great testimonials.

You can see some samples of great success story/testimonial pages here:

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