Free Stuff

Free Stuff

This is another page that has your freebie offer that you are giving people – your e-book or audio from the ISCA specifically give away OR something that YOU create yourself – the thing you give to people for free in return for getting their name and email.

This just gives you another chance to go into more details about your freebie or you may even have a few freebies to offer people, giving them another chance to opt-in and give you their name and email and get on your list.

You can call this page Freebie, or Free Stuff, Free Audio, Free Visualisation or the actual name of your free product. You may choose to put another opt-in box on this page, or you may choose to just refer people to the opt-in box you have to the right. It’s up to you.

If you get someone else to do it, you will need to pay to have that done by your Virtual Assistant or one we recommend.

The price will depend on who you hire and how much work is done.

As mentioned before, the opt-in box is the little box usually situated up the top to the right where people who visit your website can enter their name and email to get on your email list. Usually, the only reason they will enter their details is because you offer them something exciting.

A newsletter is no longer exciting enough to make people sign up. You’re best to offer them an exciting freebie. An e-book, special report, audio, guided visualization etc. You are given a number of freebies as part of your ISCA bonuses and can offer one of them as the incentive to have people give you their name and email. Find more details on the Freebie page in the members area.

Make sure you re-name the opt-in box to what YOUR freebie is. Also, it’s a great idea to get a graphic done of your freebie (a picture of an iphone or an e-book cover) so it looks enticing. More people will sign up for your freebie if you have a great picture. Get one created specifically for your own freebie somewhere like or a V.A. can usually do basic graphics too.

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This is a demo opt-in box. See 'Free Stuff' for more information.


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