Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages

This is where you would list your coaching packages and the services you offer – you may be able to see examples other coaches have in regards to creating packages through their links on the others pages on this site.

And of course inside the Business Bliss Section of the website you have a Pricing and Packaging Your Coaching Services Masterclass.

So unstead, below we’ve listed some information about services from people who can offer YOU ongoing support with your website.

Support to Help You Personalize Your Site

Your free bonusis a basic ‘brochure’ website. A site which you can send people to where they can find out more about you and what you offer. It is created for you as a template to make changes to.

We recommend you personalise your site by doing things such as:

1. Put a different graphic ‘header’ at the top of your site or have one created specifically for you with your own logo.

2. Personalize each page with as much, or as little information about you and your business and what you offer as you like.

3. Add your own freebie (use ours until you create your own)

4. Link up your email system so when people optin for your freebie they get it automatically

5. Put more pictures on your site to make it more personable

Graphics Support

You can create your own graphics using - or hire someone from

CopyWriting Support – words for your site

You can write your own copy for your site, but sometimes that’s the part that takes the most time and holds people us. Often it’s best if you just pay someone else to do it and it’s done in a flash. There are many great copywriters out there who can help, try searching on

I haven’t had a lot of experience with copywriters, as I do my own copywriting, however, take a look, I'm sure you'll find someone great. Make sure you understand the pricing as copywriting services can vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Website Updates and Changes

Whilst the ISCA creates your basic template site, it's up to you to personalize it. You could do it yourself...

You have access to a library of videos through the platform we've created your site on which shows you how to make basic changes to your site if you want to save money by doing the changes yourself – which is recommend. It's great to have the skill of being able to change info on your site whenever you want.

To access the training videos, once we've set up your site and you have access to the admin area, simply click Help on the menu at the upper-right side of your dashboard. Once you’re on the page with the 3 ways to get help you will see the second option: Video tutorials.

If you want to hire someone to make additional changes, we recommend hiring someone from - usually low cost and if you hire someone with a lot of good feedback you should be right.

Or you could hire our team to do a complete website makeover.

USD $700 - includes;

*Copy you have written uploaded to all relevant pages (up to 7 pages)

*Up to 2 graphics/pictures uploaded to each page - choice of 20 graphics/pics (or supply your own)

*Website header graphic changed (choice of 10 different graphics)

*Optin box and freebie created (choice of 5 colours) and linked up to your email provider

*Website hosting set up (you let us know who you want to host with)

*Email with your domain set up (eg. )

*Social Media links connected - up to 2 platforms (eg. Facebook and Instagram)

If you prefer to organize your own, graphics, copywriting and website, you can find support from freelancers at places such as or

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